How to get there


Our house is located at: 4th Street, No 310, between 13 and 15, in the neighborhood of Vedado. We just around the corner one of the most famous parks in the area, Jonh Lennon Park and two blocks to the right and three on the left is very important streets running through much of the city, we also have just about four blocks Hotel Melia Cohiba, famous among city hotels in Cuba that chain.

To and from the airport there is a period of approximately 25 to 30 minutes depending on time and traffic of the city, official taxis have a rate between 15 and 20 CUC for that route according to the company and the brand of car you select.

From here you can walk to the main museums and historic sites and heritage of the city. Walking 15 minutes to get to the famous Revolution Square and within minutes you can visit the Colon Cemetery, large, among the largest in America, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a few blocks from the sea can be found on Avenida Malecón , without doubt, one of the most beautiful views in the world city.

By taxi and for a fee that does not exceed 5 CUC and less than 10 minutes walk you can reach the historic center of the city known as Old Havana, there are also unofficial taxi drivers will take you for less money.

If you want sightseeing of City and being in a tropical country go to the beach every day, we have a 25 Km one of the best beaches in the country, having no rental car, the tariff for taxis take around 20 CUC but you can find a private taxi and agree on the same price per round trip.